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Above the Net @USTA NJTL Leadership Camp: Inspiration and Tennis Excellence!!!

Our kids had a fantastic opportunity to participate in the USTA GA State NJTL Leadership Camp. NJTL stands for National Junior Tennis snd Learning which is all about ensuring that kids are great on the courts AND in the classroom. While Above the Net is not yet an NJTL (we hope to be in the future ...check out our blog on Tennis and STEM), we nonetheless received an invitation for a select number of our kids to participate!

The kids were able to play trivia games on Arthur Ashe, complete tennis themed crossword puzzles, and do plenty of tennis drills on the courts. A highlight was an exhibition game that they were able to watch featuring eleven year old prodigy Leila Hunter. The kids were in awe and peppered the young star with plenty of questions during the Q&A!! After a hearty Subway lunch, tshirt and swag bag distribution and photos, the kids were sent on their way even more inspired to continue their tennis journey!!

Shout out to Cee Jai Jones of USTA Southern for putting on an excellent event and her continued fantasic support of Above the Net!

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Yes! A big shoutout to Cee Jai for always including Above the Net Juniors in USTA Southern sponsored events!

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