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Above the Net Welcomes Katheryne Turner as Administrative Support Coordinator!!

It is our absolute pleasure to introduce Katheryne Turner, the newly appointed Administrative Support Coordinator at Above the Net. In her role, Katheryne will play a pivotal part in the seamless operation of our social media platforms, the meticulous scheduling of tennis practices for students and coaches, the timely dissemination of practice reminders, and the effective handling of various administrative tasks.

With an extensive background spanning over two decades in customer service and administration, Katheryne brings a wealth of experience acquired during her tenures with esteemed companies such as Upwork Inc., Walmart Inc., and the 24/7 ASAP Staffing agency. Her academic pursuits include studies in psychology and business administration at Macon State College, underscoring her dedication to a well-rounded professional approach.

Prior to joining Above the Net Tennis, Katheryne made significant contributions by assisting ministerial organizations with diverse assignments in administration and teaching classes. This showcases her versatility and adaptability, highlighted by her successful transition into the realm of horticulture lighting.

Throughout her career journey, Katheryne has consistently demonstrated a high regard for hospitality, complemented by exceptional organizational and leadership skills. These qualities undoubtedly position her as a valuable asset, ready to provide insightful expertise to our work environment and foster robust relationships with clients who recognize and appreciate her proficiency.

On a personal note, Katheryne is not only a seasoned professional but also a devoted mother of six. Her joy is found in spending quality time with her family, indulging in her love for reading, and exploring new destinations whenever time permits. As a proud native of Georgia, Katheryne is deeply passionate about witnessing the thriving development of children within her community.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Katheryne!! We are enthusiastic about the prospect of achieving new heights of success together at Above the Net, and we look forward to the positive impact Katheryne will undoubtedly bring to our team and operations.

Katheryne can be reached directly at

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