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Doubles? Singles? Step aside! Triples Ruled the Courts Last Night!!

In honor of National Tennis Month, Above the Net hosted something that is rare for event for Adults! To make it memorable for all participants and to level the playing field, we decided to create a Round Robin Triples event with low compression balls to maximize rallies, quick rotations after every point, and timed rounds to keep it moving...and we ensured that none of the 36 participants across 6 courts played with the same player more than once to maximize socialization! With food, drinks, prizes, and five rounds of friendly competition, participants were asking "when is the next one?!?!"

We also used the opportunity to share with the group our mission at Above the Net, the impact we are having, and ways they can help us....from joining our coaching team to following, commenting, and sharing our social media, to donating to our nonprofit organization.

Legendary Coach Joann Compton even stopped by to show her support!

Thanks to all that came out with the openness to try something new! Thanks USTA Southern for your generous grant enabling this event!

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Fantastic community event! Way to kick off NTM!

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