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Lion or Lamb

The old saying claims that March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. Most tennis players around Atlanta roar to the excitement with the opening of the Spring ALTA season and put in more court hours as we see the time change and the temperatures begin to moderate. Spring fever means something a little different to tennis enthusiasts like me. I see an opportunity to win a division title, be guaranteed a playoff slot, and onward to city finals and beyond. Oh, the possibilities for this upcoming season are endless. Therefore, whether you’re a seasoned player or beginning your tennis journey, spring is a great time to play the game at any stage. Just think the heat is not taking over, and we get to enjoy the outdoors during one of the most pleasant seasons. The energy of the local high school teams playing on courts across the community can really generate some enthusiasm. The bustle of league teams during drills might seem intimidating at first glance but can also be motivating. There is a level and an opportunity to fit all needs. Don't hesitate to find a way to join the fun. The benefits will absolutely outweigh any of your doubts. Please visit our website at for upcoming youth programs.


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