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Spring is in the Air

Spring may bring up images of flowers, birds, and bees for most, but for tennis players, it’s replacing overgrips, restringing racquets, and more tennis opportunities. We may still have some chilly evenings with which to contend, but for tennis folks who take a little time away from the courts during the winter months, hibernation is over. With many ALTA leagues kicking off in less than a month, coaches and players are booking extra court time. The opening of each ALTA season can be a bit like a family reunion. Even those of us who play during the winter, often play with different teams for our USTA seasons. The spring ALTA season, though, calls everyone “home” again.

If you haven’t found that home, check in at your local tennis center and inquire about teams looking for players, or go to the ALTA website and add your name to the list of players looking for a team. Of course, if you are actively engaged with Above the Net, they are your best resource for addressing your tennis needs. Please visit their website at for more information and to submit questions regarding advancing your tennis journey.

Contributing editor

Stephanie Willocks

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