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Tennis and STEM? Absolutely! FREE STEM? Even better!!

Did you know that most tennis scholarships require scholastic excellence??? You can be a great tennis player but you also must be strong academically. To that end, Above the Net has partnered with Rhythm of Data Academy to offer STEM workshops to our budding tennis players. We've partnered with Rhythm of Data Academy because it is uniquely focused on computer programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science....the fastest growing areas of STEM as we move further into the 21st century.

Now we know you are use to going to the courts at Richard Craig, but this workshop will be conveniently located at Lighthouse Learning near McDonough Square.

Register and checkout the FREE informational session scheduled for Saturday October 9th at noon. Limited space.

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Hi Sandra,

The Informational Session will be happening again on October 23rd. You can RSVP on


Sandra Joseph
Sandra Joseph
Oct 02, 2021

Will this be offered again? I would love for Angelique to participate but we have a prior obligation.

Replying to

Yes Sandra. The next Informational Session will be on Saturday October 23rd to be more exact.


What an awesome opportunity for our Above the Net kids!

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