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So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

All of us, at any level, are looking to grow into a clean game of tennis. We want to be able to consistently repeat the strokes our coaches, mentors, and friends guide us through even when they are not around the courts. We hope that a clean game is the outcome of those practice sessions where we bounce, hit, swing over and over again. I have worked with a few coaches in the recent years of returning to tennis and find something to appreciate in each of them. Coach Antonio has a knack for helping you “get it right” even in a group drill setting. He manages to catch a balance in keeping everyone on a team moving while affording the individual one more tip or attempt at getting that stroke just right--easy muscle memory and CLEAN swings.

Keeping it fresh, for me, means finding different opportunities to be on the court. I enjoy my team play. I also enjoy flex leagues and encounter players there that give me a fresh perspective on the game. Round robin events, themed tournaments, and even organizing a group for friendly play are all ways to keep it fresh. The upcoming event HALLO-SCREAM & TENNIS that Coach Antonio is hosting includes drills and matches. The best of both worlds. As my friend Jessica says, “I like the fact that he teaches match play and teaches where to be on the tennis court for doubles!”

The opportunity to get some instruction and put it directly into practice is not as common outside of team play, so I would encourage everyone to sign up for HALLO-SCREAM & TENNIS an evening with Antonio. This fun-filled, costume contest, hit all the winners you can kind of night will take place on Friday, October 22nd from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at Richard Craig, price $25.00. Please register at Limited spaces available.


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