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The first Adult Apprentice class did that!!!

Above the Net is sooooo proud of our Adult Apprentice participants!!!! They have completed part 1 of the program with flying colors! The week to week improvements have been amazing! The last night of the program reinforced all of the skills necessary to become an avid tennis player. Coach Antonio taught those fundamental tennis skills that provide the foundation on which to build techniques that will be learned in the next Apprentice class. Because Above the Net is beaming with pride about the Apprentice participants hanging in there and giving it everything that they have, they were awarded certificates of completion. All of the hard work and time invested in learning tennis is paying off. Looking forward to continued progress in the Apprentice Program part 2. Congratulations first Adult Apprentice class!!! You did that!!!

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A big congratulations to all for a job well done.


2021년 6월 06일

So proud of them! Takes guts to try to learn a new sport as an adult!!

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