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Gaining Confidence, Comfort, and Skill!

We had another great Monday at Richard Craig with our up-and-coming junior tennis champions. It’s wonderful to see the kids returning back for more.

Our younger group spent some time with Coach Harlon learning about the sweet spot on the racket strings and the areas of the court, such as the service box. They even tried walking around with a ball balanced on the sweet spot before moving on to “making a C” with their rackets as a basic stroke from the service line. The kids were full of energy and enthusiasm and put some of their new learning into practice as they played some skills-based games.

The older group of Juniors started the evening with Coach Guy working on movement, stance, and grips during basic forehand and backhand strokes. Each player was working on opening and closing their stance while moving and following through on each stroke. That’s a lot to remember for something that looks so simple when you see the pros, and the players were giving their all.

All of the kids are gaining confidence, comfort, and skill on the tennis court. It is so wonderful to witness the development of our juniors taking shape week over week. We applaud you all for your time and dedication to the sport.

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Jun 24, 2021

All important!!

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