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It's National Tennis Month!

The month of May is traditionally all about Cinco de Mayo get-togethers, Mother's Day tributes, and countless Graduation celebrations. But did you know? May is the official month designated as National Tennis Month. That’s right, the entire month is dedicated to all things tennis. This is the month tennis organizations like Above the Net will be turning up the volume to promote the sport in hopes of inspiring a fresh new generation to pick up a tennis racket to begin their journey. Over the next several weeks Above the Net will be hosting tennis events targeting school-age kids with the slightest curiosity for the sport. To no surprise, tennis is usually not the first sport on a child’s request list to learn how to play. Most kids will need to be guided towards playing tennis and all the benefits associated with the sport. Tennis is credited with building self-confidence, increasing strategic thinking, promoting teamwork, and fostering great sportsmanship among school-age kids. With that in mind, Above the Net is committed to bringing tennis to the forefront in our local community, so that our kids will have tennis programs readily accessible to them at an early age. Parents with your help we can make a difference by introducing our kids to the wonderful world of tennis. Please visit our website at for upcoming events. Hope to see you at our next event!

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May 08, 2023

Great time to get on the courts and learn a new sport!

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