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What's the Difference Between a Good Coach and a Great Coach???? Continuous Improvement eg Training!

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Our Above the Net coaches had the opportunity to improve their skills during a special training by USTA Southern' s Bill Dopp . We had two hours of continuous education training in which we learned even more about the ball progression,court set up,and ways to teach beginners the proper technique of tennis while having fun! Already we've implemented some of Bill's techniques....from ground rallies to triples to football tossing for serve development. Amazingly, we learned how to turn one tennis court into 6 enabling 24 kids to be taught at once!!!!! A technique that we will definitely leverage at The Shaquille O'Neal Boys and Girls Club.

Thank you USTA Southern and USTA Georgia for your continued trust and support!!

Ready to start your tennis journey....or continue? Sign up for our July Apprentice program at

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We can not thank USTA Georgia & Georgia Southern for all their support to Above the Net!

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