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Above the Net Juniors --- No guts, No glory!

Our Juniors never cease to amaze! Kicking the beautiful Saturday morning off with learning about tennis is the best start to any day. The beauty of observing our passionate coach Wes Fuller push to get the best out of the Juniors is something to behold. Witnessing the week to week progression of these Juniors is incredible! We are so proud of our youth that are putting in the hard work and dedication it takes to become a better tennis player. Tennis can be frustrating at times. Feeling like you will never be able to hit the ball correctly is a common feeling for beginners. That is why it takes bravery and guts to get on the court every time. Our Juniors have both of these qualities and more! Sticking with it and putting themselves out there to learn the correct way to play tennis will surely yield incredible results. Can't wait to see more! See some pictures below and check out more at

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