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Above the Net's Debut Tennis Clinics Were Fun and Improved Skills of Adults and Juniors

Saturday March 27th, 2021 marked the debut of Above the Net's Tennis Clinics for Adults and Juniors. Over 30 tennis beginners, intermediates, and advanced players participated in the 2 one and half hour clinics (one for adults and one for juniors).

After quickly assessing the adults and juniors to determine skill level, our three coaches, Coach Wes Fuller, Coach Joeann Compton, and Coach Harlon Matthews, led skill appropriate drills that were both fun, cardio driven, and skill enhancing. From the basics of holding the racket, to backhands, forehands, balance, volleys, and serves, both the adults and the juniors learned something.

Water and snacks were provided to ensure that all were able to maintain hydration and energy throughout the drills. Students without rackets, were fitted for the right sized

one, and loaned it for the drills. Two lucky winners won a can of balls and candy.

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What an amazing event! It's all about the Love for Tennis right here in Henry County!

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