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Apprentice Ready!

By the way the Adult Apprentice participants are hitting that fluorescent yellow tennis ball back and forth across the net, it’s hard to believe this is only the second week of the 4-week program. The three and four-point rally series we are witnessing is a great indication we have some serious tennis players emerging right before our very eyes. At this pace, under the instruction of Coach Antonio Bennett and Assistant Coach Jay, these players will be regulars out on the tennis courts engaging in some entertaining match play before long. How, rewarding it is for Above the Net to be able to provide the pathway for our participants to improve and develop their skill set for the sport in a fun, friendly, level-based environment. Competitive play is definitely an achievable goal for those interested in joining a league.

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They are definitely connecting the dots to the wonderful world of tennis🎾 🎾


18 de mai. de 2021

Yes, Cohort One is progressing nicely!!

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