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Brenda Gant Our Very Own USTA Tennis Champion!!!

I’m excited to share that over the next six months I will be spearheading numerous campaigns promoting the development and growth of tennis. Recently named a USTA Tennis Champion, I will be on the front lines sharing my love for tennis in hopes of persuading others to discover a passion for the sport as well.

I started playing tennis some 40 years ago by myself using a tennis backboard as my sole partner. I quickly realized tennis provided an intense cardio workout and, at the time, that was my driving force to continue to learn how to play. I would literally spend three to five days a week at the park hitting tennis balls against the backboard. It was super challenging for me to see how many rallies I could go before losing control of the ball. Little did I know I was developing some tennis skills in the process of this self-imposed workout. It wasn’t long before more experienced players would hit with me and offer some helpful tips on improving my game. Their tips helped to shape my game.

Over the years I was forced to put tennis on the backburner due to family and work obligations. But I never lost the enthusiasm and love I had for the sport. In 2016, I was able to return to the sport and have been playing consistently ever since. I no longer only play with the backboard. I have joined teams and those tips from years before are still used to this very day. It is so true what they say about tennis being a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. I see no end in sight.

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27 juil. 2021

No better person for this role!!

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