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Can Adults Learn Tennis? YES!!

Richard Craig Park's tennis courts were on fire this morning, figuratively speaking. The free adult clinic sponsored by Above the Net was back by popular demand. Attendance was up over 100 % week over week. We credit this increase to excellent word of mouth about the quality of the clinics and the continued execution of our marketing plan to grow tennis in Henry County. Every skill level was represented from beginners to intermediates to advanced. Again our coaches, Wes Fuller, Joeann Compton, and Antonio Bennett, delivered excellent skill-building drills that were both challenging and fun.

Special callout and thank you to our volunteers, Barbara Dorsey, Loretta Phillips, Delores Speight, and Michelle Dunson who helped with everything from setting up to checking in the participants to picking up balls!

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2 Yorum

Tennis has no boundaries. It is the perfect sport for all ages.


18 Nis 2021

Happy to see so many Adults trying something new!!! It's good for the brain and the body! Keep it up!!

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