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Caroline Makes Us Proud at Clemson!

Taking on the tigers! As the summer starts, Caroline took a swing at an opportunity to immerse herself in full training camp mode at the Clemson University Tiger Tennis Camp. Above the Net's own Caroline had the opportunity to train alongside other ranked kids in the region under the guidance of the Clemson coaching staff and collegiate players. In addition to 8+ hour days of tennis drills, physical conditioning, and match play, they received the opportunity to have classroom sessions to learn about what it takes to become a collegiate athlete as well as what it is like to be one. Caroline’s classroom training included hearing from the collegiate athletes themselves as well as from the university sports psychology team, nutritional team, and other support teams that go into maintaining the health and resiliency of collegiate athletes so that they not only play well but graduate with their degree!! An amazing opportunity that was enjoyed beyond words and one more piece of the training path.

Go Caroline!! We are so proud of you!!!

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1 Comment

Caroline’s tennis journey continues to blossom 🌼 with each new opportunity. Her growth potential is truly endless! 🎾

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