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Extending a Helping Hand!

Above the Net offer our sincere appreciation to Rhiannon Potkey. Rhiannon is the Founder/Executive Director of the non-profit organization Goods4Greatness, which purchases and redistributes sports equipment and athletic clothing to underserved communities. Their primary goal is to level the playing field between the affluent and the less fortunate. Given the financial challenges faced by low-income families, playing sports is often considered a luxury.

Rhiannon’s brother Darren Potkey put Rhiannon in touch with Above the Net. He is the Executive Director for USTA Georgia and a silver badge ITF tennis official. Rhiannon understands the important challenges we face and offered to help. The donations received will help promote self-confidence, boost self-esteem and among our Above the Net youth. Besides, these items will set our kids up to be successful tennis players whether they choose to play for leisure or competition. When you have the right athletic wear, it allows the kids to focus their attention on learning the sport.

In an earlier blog, Caniece shared a story on the new tennis court at the Shaquille O’Neal Boys and Girls Club. Well, it cannot get any better than this. Now, our kids will be sporting new tennis attire too.

A big thanks to all the donors that enable Good4Greatness to fulfill its mission. Our Above the Net kids will put the donated items to good use. I expect their excitement to be worth a thousand words. We will be sure to share their reaction in future blogs.

For more information about Goods4Greatness please visit their website at For information on the upcoming Junior Apprentice please visit our website at

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