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Junior Tennis Fever? Yes, indeed!

One thing is certainly true, tennis is growing in Henry County. Today at our second free junior clinic sponsored by Above the Net, over 40 students attended from first grade to 12th grade. Over 20 schools were represented including McDonough, Dutchtown, Strong Rock Christian, Locust Grove, Cotton Indian, Tucson, Union Grove, Clements, Fairview, Stockbridge, Brookhaven Innovation just to name a few. The clinic attracted all skill levels from beginners to intermediates to advanced. With our tennis professionals, Wes Fuller, Joeann Compton, and Antonio Bennett, along with their multiple assistants, we were able to deliver a high-quality experience and ensured each participant developed new skills, and/or fine-tuned exiting skills, and had a ton of fun. Above the Net is definitely fulfilling its mission to grow tennis participation in Henry County.

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1 Comment

Apr 18, 2021

What a day. It pleased my heart to see all those kids out there honing their tennis skills!

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