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Local Politics Impact Tennis??Absolutely!!

So before embarking on our mission to leverage tennis to strengthen the community, teach life skills, and help youth attain scholarships, I was not as aware or connected to local politics as I should have been. Things are a' changing!

Above the Net recently listened and participated in the September Henry County Recreation Board meeting. This Board meets every third Tuesday of the month. Now, this board is composed of people appointed by our County Commissioners and they discuss issues concerning our parks and make recommendations to the Commissioners on capital improvements and new investments in parks. The Commissioners control the financial resources and determine ultimately where the money is spent.

In this month's meeting they discussed safety issues, alcohol consumption at parks, and to me....most importantly...planned park improvements. Given that we are focused on Richard Craig and tennis I was particularly interested in projects that involved either. So some good news.... Richard Craig has been granted funding for improvements to the lights (safety issue) and resurfacing of 4 to 6 courts. As with most things, there is a process...venders have to be selected (30 to 45 days) and the work has to commence...which could take 120 maybe by next summer we will have some greatly improved courts to leverage as we continue our tennis journey!

Anyone can attend these monthly meetings, but you must request to attend in advance and with Covid these meetings are virtual. I would highly encourage everyone to attend, ensure that your interests are heard, and perhaps have an impact.

In addition, this November T-SPLOST is on the ballot. Monies from these taxes if passed would be used in part for parks and recreation. So attend a townhall to learn more and get out and vote and let your voices be heard!

Next step for us is figuring out how to convene with our Commissioners who ultimately make the financial allocation decisions!

So, local politics can in fact impact tennis (and all kinds of other things) let's do our part!

If all of this political talk has got you pumped, hit the courts to let loose! Check out our upcoming programs at

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