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Preserving the Integrity of the Sport.

Understanding tennis rules and etiquette are vital to maintaining the integrity of the sport while competing for that undeniable win. Coach Guy spent the latter part of today’s session outlining a few basic rules for our junior athletes to follow moving forward towards match play. The coach had their full attention while covering the spin of the racket and the use of the manufacturer's logo on the bottom of the racket to determine who will serve or receive to begin the match. Coach Guy detailed how to keep score, and the importance of announcing the score before serving to the opponent. Our junior athletes learned that displaying good sportsmanship on and off the court is always expected. A quick demonstration on tennis players meeting at the center of the net to exchange pleasantries, shake hands or give a gentle racket bump at the end of the match clearly illustrated the high standards, everyone is expected to follow. It is without question that this is a game that requires a great deal of cooperation and courtesy from all participants to ensure a fun experience, whether you win or lose.

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Jul 20, 2021

Great lesson! On the court....and in life!

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