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Put in the work, get the results

Delaney picked up a racket for the very first time 10 months ago. She started with our Saturday morning sessions, then did the Apprentice Program, the Next Step Program, and now she is in the Elite Program that meets three days a week. But Delaney did not just show up to the courts at times for her lessons, she would arrive early to get 30 to 45 minutes of hitting time in just prior to her scheduled lesson. Delaney can be seen out on the courts on any given day of the week working on her forehand, backhand, and serve. Delaney's on-court work ethic has made her a highly sought-after rising star. She is every tennis coach's dream student. Putting in the work to get the desired results.

Delany has competed in several junior tournaments since October 2021 and has a Georgia USTA ranking of 292. Pretty impressive to say the least.

Keep up the good work Delaney and see you on the courts!!

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Captivating young lady on and off the court.

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