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Sit and Watch, or Get on the Courts and Play?!?!?!?

That was the question that each parent/grandparent/ aunt/uncle who came out Saturday for the junior drills was faced with. Do I sit and watch the children or do I borrow a racket and get out on the courts. Believe it or not, several adults decided to put a racket in their hands for the very first time and get out on the courts while the children received their lesson (more about that in my next blog). What was even more special about this occurrence was that Coach Joeann Compton volunteered to give these adults their very first lesson. Anyone who has been in Henry County for any period of times knows that Coach Compton in her 40+ years of playing the sport has introduced hundreds (if not thousands) of kids and adults to this sport. Above the Net's very own Monica Johnson was first introduced to the sport by Coach Compton, who was doing this even before Richard Craig had tennis courts! So it is our hope, that a fire was lit and that these adults will continue to learn this sport and come to love it as much as we do!

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