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Soaring Like A Butterfly!

A caterpillar who has made the transition into a stunning butterfly best describes 7-year-old Caroline. In just a little over eight months of consistent tennis instruction, this soft-spoken, social-silent, little girl found a safe space on the tennis courts to blossom into a junior tennis player. Caroline is now set to compete on a junior ALTA team this spring. Undeniably, tennis was instrumental in helping Caroline express her individuality in a non-threatening way that has led to her improved social, communication, and interaction skills. Developing a positive self-image is critical in a child’s development, and we at Above the Net are grateful to be able to witness first-hand the importance tennis has on not only a family, such as Caroline’s, but also a community.

Please visit our website at for more information on upcoming programs for juniors and adults.

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Robyn Davis
Robyn Davis
Feb 22, 2022

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