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Team Tennis, More than Playing a Game.

It is not uncommon that once someone begins to learn the game of tennis, they begin to seek more opportunities to play. In the Atlanta Metro, there are opportunities to play year-round. Players may choose USTA leagues, ALTA teams, or flex tennis leagues. All of these organizations also have levels of play from beginner to advanced.

Often players begin the hunt for a team. There are many reasons for joining a team, such as team practice opportunities and the support of team members. One of the unexpected benefits of team play is just how large your “tennis family” may grow. You will have the immediate network of your team. Team matches will lead you to meet players on other teams. From the beginning, you have something in common tennis. Before you know it, the people you’ve been facing on the other side of the net are some of your biggest encouragers. While you may be focused on growing your game of tennis, the reality is that with team tennis, you will also be growing your community.

Contributing editor,

Stephanie Willocks

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