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Tennis at any Age!

It was written all over the faces of our second group of Adult Apprentice participants. We recognized it all too well. It’s that thrill of excitement when taking a leap of faith to learn something new. Coupled with the natural anxieties associated with embarking on uncharted territory during this season of their life. Caniece, Monica, and I could all relate to their feelings of uncertainty especially since we all started playing tennis well in our adult lives. While handing out the new Dunlap tennis rackets provided by USTA we offered meaningful words of encouragement with warm smiles to ease their worries. How exciting it was for us to witness these brave individuals walk onto the courts to begin their tennis journey under the sponsorship of Above the Net. Will they face challenges along the way? Most definitely! Can they overcome the challenges? Without question! Stay tuned as we document their journey over the next 4-weeks and beyond. Please visit our list of upcoming events to begin enjoying the sport that can truly last a lifetime.

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Let the journey begin!!

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