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Tennis!?!? What's the Point?

Unfortunately, organized tennis is not currently offered in Henry County middle schools and is only available in select high schools in the area. This low demand is mostly due to the under-education of this intense, discipline-required, yet self-rewarding sport among our youth. Above the Net is set to change that narrative. Not only are we focused on growing tennis in Henry County, but we seek to expand the passion for the sport across Georgia, as well. Tennis is an underutilized, under-appreciated, and underplayed sport amongst our youth and the numbers are even lower for minorities. Preparing our youth with a solid tennis foundation during their formative years will help to shape their perspective towards the sport and ultimately encourage a passion for tennis that will grow for years to come. Moreover, tennis could very well be a game-changer for our young people. Developing a love for tennis can be a catalyst for future opportunities, such as college scholarships, which are available to students who exemplify strong tennis skills and qualify academically. So, if you are looking to make your mark outside of football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, or baseball, grab a racket and feel the sensation of driving a tennis ball across the net at 70 miles an hour. The exuberance of your swing will be felt for many points to follow. You can rest assured there is no feeling like it!

Please join us in our efforts to grow the sport.

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Apr 06, 2021

So true. Hopefully Above the Net can impact this!

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