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Thank You is NOT Enough!

Yesterday’s Tennispalooza event exceeded all of our expectations. It was an event that brought family, friends, and community together with a common goal of enjoying a full day of tennis. The one thing that we continue to learn is that it takes a village to pull off an event of this size. We would like to especially thank our local corporate community sponsors UPS of Lake Dow, Publix of Lake Dow, USTA Southern, and USTA Southern Crescent, and Richard Craig Park under the leadership of Harlon Matthews for their considerate in-kind donations that helped to make Tennispalooza a success. We would be remiss not to mention our generous donors' financial contributions to Above the Net.

In addition, we would like to recognize our host of volunteers for their hard work and efforts. Loretta Phillips, Brain Garner, Michelle Dunson, Dolores Speight, William Thomas, Von Abraham, Greg Nelson, Barbara Dorsey, Hodges Haywood, Henry Johnson, Joyce Austin, and Vincent Austin worked diligently throughout the day. It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge our professional coaching staff and assistants, Joeann Compton, Wes Fuller, Antonio Bennett, and Dr. Greg Fields, Trish McDonald, Tyler Ladge, and Austin Fields for executing a full range of tennis drills and competitive play that kept our participants fully engaged during the entire day.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all participants and many parents for attending. Certainly, without you, the event would not have been possible. It is because of your interest in the sport that we continuously strive to offer you the very best when it comes to tennis instructional programs right here in Henry County.

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Without our volunteers and sponsors, this would not have been possible!


May 03, 2021

The volunteers were so critical to the success of this event!!

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