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The Above the Net Juniors are moving on and up !!!

Wow!!! Last night marked the end of the first Junior Apprentice program Part 1. Certificates of completion were given to our deserving juniors. Above the Net wants to uplift these young tennis players for attending the program every week and tenaciously sticking with it until the end. Learning tennis the correct way requires willingness to learn detailed techniques that will help to hit a proper forehand, backhand and serve. And our juniors did it! The junior tennis players that started at the beginning of the program are more confident and skilled junior players at the end. We are super proud and excited for them! There is still so much left to learn. Time to elevate tennis skills even more with Junior Apprentice Part 2! Our juniors are moving on and up and we couldn't be more proud!

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Jun 10, 2021

So proud of those kids!!

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