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The Art of Creating a Tennis Player.

One fact we know for sure is that tennis players are not made in the same convenience as cooking a full course meal in a microwave oven. This line is echoed time and time again by our very own Coach Guy Reddick.

He’s quick to share this important piece of knowledge with all beginner players to set the tone for the commitment, dedication, and perseverance it will take to develop a respectable tennis player. Understanding the mechanics of the sport early on will help you advance your game down the road and will save you countless hours of correcting bad techniques practiced over a period of time. Your primary investment in the sport will have a substantial payoff for years to come. Above the Net is committed to providing top-notch instructor-led lessons that are affordable, convenient, and most enjoyable to our Henry County residents and surrounding counties. Be certain to visit our list of upcoming events at Hope to see you soon on the tennis courts.

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