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The Journey Begins!!

Last night we began the first Junior Apprentice Program of 2022! We had kids from 6 to 12 years old. While they started out a little shy, not knowing what to expect nor the other kids in the group, they quickly began to loosen up as they worked on their coordination by catching the ball with their dominant and then non dominant hand, tossing the ball with a partner and walking and tossing! Coach was impressed and so was I as I watched them drop the ball less and less! They learned the parts of the court and then it was time to pick up their new free rackets and head to the Net where they learned how to hold the racket, how to stand in position to hit the racket, and how to gently push the ball over the Net to their partner. Yes, there were wayward balls here and there, but half of the fun was chasing! From there the kids continued to learn some basics, play some games, and left the court with smiles, full of enthusiasm, and worksheets to complete before next week's session. Oh yes, tennis requires some off-court preparation.

Ready to begin your tennis journey? Check out our upcoming Junior and Adult programs at

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These kids were so excited learning the fundamentals of tennis!

Mi piace
12 mar 2022
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Yes indeed!

Mi piace
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